How Do I Book With SHP?

SHP is an opportunity company. We provide  the opportunity for local bands and solo artists to showcase their talent in venues across the nation, and give them the chance to open for an ever-expanding roster of high quality national headlining talent.

1. Most shows, especially the first few times you work with SHP, will require ticket presale. Our goal is for local artists to always be in a situation where they can benefit through profit, exposure and experience. When an act shows us that they have solid performance and a consistent draw, other deal structures can be worked out.

2. 90% of the time, you will need to do a local showcase gig with SHP before you can open for a national headliner. This gives both you and us a chance to work with each-other in a low pressure setting first, so we can build a positive relationship from there.

3. Professionalism is key. Music is an art first, but if you choose it as your business then you should take it seriously. We are happy to work with artists on all levels, from those of you just starting up to the well experienced musicians looking to take it to the next level. Handle yourself like a pro, and we’ll treat you like a pro.

4. All presale shows will require a signed contract and a deposit towards the ticket sales in order to confirm the gig and receive your tickets. SHP can sometimes hold a slot for an artist, but until you get the contract and deposit in, your booking is not guaranteed.


Booking Shows through is Simple:

No more dealing with multiple clubs and booking agents. Follow these three easy steps:

STEP 1: Send us your promo package containing band information, links to the music/social sites (no mp3 files or anything we have to download), and a band bio to:

STEP 2: Once we receive your email, we will review it and contact you to discuss booking a show. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks after you sent your promo package for us to contact you.

STEP 3: Book a Show !

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